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Marton Heath Trout Pool

Photograph of St Mary's Pool during WInter Photograph of St Mary's Pool Photograph of Woodside Pool Photograph of Woodside Pool

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Marton Heath is a family run fishery where anglers can expect a friendly welcome on arrival at reception. The original two-acre pool, known as Don’s Pool, was excavated in 1987 and accommodates 15 rods. The area was extended in 1990 when a second pool was developed, catering for an additional 15 rods. A third water known as Woodside Pool was excavated in the summer of 1998, giving a total area of seven acres. This extra water gives our customers and resident wildlife a bit more space and privacy.

Whilst the fishery is man-made, great attention to conservation is evident, with trees, hedges and a wildflower plantings supplementing the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. There is always something interesting to see, as Pheasants, songbirds, waterfowl and a world of insects and butterflies, catch your attention whilst you fish.


The pools are stocked as often as felt necessary with rainbows up to 1kg and these fish provide the main catches for the table. Larger fish are stocked along with brown trout, but these specimen fish are for catch and release only and must be treated with the respect they deserve.


The fishery operates a completely barbless rule with traditional fly patterns preferred. However, small Lures are allowed, not exceeding size 10, but Puppies, Boobies, Pellet Imitations, Bite Indicators and similar unconventional methods are prohibited. A selection of tickets are available to suit the needs of most anglers. Barbless flies, sundries and snacks can be bought at reception. All visitors, whether fishing or viewing, must declare their intentions at the reception in the farmyard.